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A Real Estate Firm that cares about the People and Community!


The purpose of BT Acquisitions LLC is to generate a mechanism (profitable business) in which the founder can use to create a Humanitarian Foundation and consistently fund that Foundation year after year. This Humanitarian Foundation will benefit the people and community by, but will not be limited to, contributing to charities, assisting in disaster relief, supporting existing programs, and creating new programs to meet the needs of the community as they arise. This Humanitarian Foundation is expected to be created at the end of BT Acquisitions LLC’s third year of operation, with services starting at the beginning of the fourth year. During the Humanitarian Foundation’s first year of operation, services will mainly consist of issuing grants to charities, disaster relief, and community programs. The Humanitarian Foundation will also be creating programs that will start in the second year of operation. To get to this point requires three phases;  Phase 1 your blessings will get BT Acquisitions LLC operational and profitable, Phase 2 BT Acquisitions LLC creates the Humanitarian Foundation in their third year, and in Phase 3 BT Acquisitions LLC will establish an annual budget to continuously fund the Humanitarian Foundation year after year in which the first year budget will be distributed to the Humanitarian Foundation in one lump sum at the beginning of their first year.  Below is more information about BT Acquisitions LLC and how the company will generate a profit which will allow the continuous funding of the Humanitarian Foundation.



BT Acquisitions LLC is a startup company that is aiming to create and maintain a diversified portfolio of commercial, industrial, and residential real estate properties that provide above average rental income and capital appreciation. Through Brokers and Real Estate Agents, along with the incorporation of an Artificial Intelligence Platform, within two years, the company will be able to locate deals, manage properties, anticipate property performance, estimate property value, and have better control over profits. Having this knowledge in a much shorter time frame than usual, due to AI, will allow us to make strategic decisions faster which results in closing more deals.


Currently, the company’s focus is on acquiring stabilized, high income producing commercial properties which include, but are not limited to, hotels, plazas, multifamily properties, and malls. The net-profit from these properties will provide the revenue needed to sustain and grow the company over the coming years. By 2023, we expect to add other areas of commercial real estate, such as industrial, mix-use, and office properties along with residential properties to our growing portfolio.


Relationships, built during our growth with different companies servicing the real estate industry, will enable us to accomplish our goals in an expedited time frame. Which includes, but not limited to, finding properties of interest both on and off market, assessing properties in an expedited time frame, understanding the needs of the communities in which properties are purchased, and enhancing the company’s creativeness in developing projects to meet those needs. These relationships will also help us create a "True No Money Down Real Estate Investor Apprenticeship Program" to help people get into the real estate investing industry.


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